Venture builder focused on the broader “health continuum”: health tech for B2C and B2B innovation


Everyday, new challenges in pharma, food and digital health bring new opportunities. We invest our resources in opportunities aimed at building the future in health and transforming the life science, nutrition and tech innovation arena.


Our agenda covers 2 opportunity spaces:

– B2B health services tech empowered for Life Sciences industries

– Development and delivery of superior health and wellness products and services (B2B2C, B2C, B2P)


BiotaRocket is supported by SPRIM, a global leader in health B2B services. Our ecosystem includes entrepreneurs, start-ups and ventures, corporates, disruptive innovators, VCs and specialized experts and mentors. We all work together to boost exciting new businesses and innovation projects in the Health and Wellness space.


We have developed 2 types of programmes

– Start-up and early-stage venture programmes

– Corporate and disruptive innovation programmes


Our outreach is global, with a focus on Europe and the US. Our offices are located in Madrid and Milan.

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